WACTAL Member Program – Recruit-A-Member

For each member an existing WACTAL member recruits, the sponsoring (existing) member will receive a one-time $50 credit toward their membership dues.  There is no limit on the number of members an existing member can recruit.   If the dollar amount of the credits exceeds the sponsoring member's annual dues, the excess amount will carry forward to subsequent years.

No monies will be paid out and credits cannot be cash out.  Credits cannot be split amongst multiple members.

The sponsoring member's individual and business name must be listed on the new member's Application for Membership as the sponsoring member.

If the new member had been a WACTAL member during the prior calendar year, no commission will be allowed.

This program can be rescinded or amended without prior notice.  In the event the program is rescinded or amended, credits for applications received after the change will be processed under the new program.  No credits will be issued if the program is rescinded.